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Let’s Raya like it’s 1892!

Our elders tell us that all the festivals in the Kampung used to be very noisy affairs when everybody celebrated together and the children got lots of goodies from everyone.

It’s hard to do that now because we all live in apartment blocks and we don’t really know each other. Even if we wanted to open our homes to the people around us, we don’t know how to reach out to them.

So we at HoodChampions.sg created a tool to let everyone who wants to open their homes do so. If you’re celebrating Raya and you are game to give money packets to the children in your Hood, click on the green “Kampung Raya” banner and follow the instructions.

Your address would only be seen by the people in your Hood, and your unit number will only be displayed two days before the event itself.

What to do

Prepare between 50 to 100 green packets of $2 each to give to the children when they come. When you have finished giving them out, you can come back here to click on “All given out” so that the children would stop coming. You may want to also post a sign on your door that says “Green packets all given out, come back next year!”

If you live in a condominium, you can click on the ‘Condominium Only’ check box so that those living outside would not need to come through security.

Win cash, hampers and “Best Raya Hood”!

Take lots of pictures of the children when they come to collect the green packets. Upload your favourite pictures here and stand to win a total of $1,000 in cash, and 100 Ayam brand hampers filled with Ayam brand products. Click on the “National Inter-Hood” link on the menu bar for more details. The best pictures as selected by our judges will also win the title of “Best Raya Hood” and points for their Hood here at HoodChampions.

Children, bring your parents.

Children, you are advised to travel in a group when you visit your neighbours’ homes to greet them and collect the green packets. If you don’t know any other children in the hood, you can ask your parents to come along, but let your parents know that they would not be getting any green packets.

Raya like it’s 1892

The date is a hat tip to our sponsor Ayam brand, who has been providing quality food products to this market since 1892. It’s a brand that all our elders are familiar with, and was a big part of the cultural celebrations in the Kampung.

So, what was once there, when the whole Kampung celebrated together, can now be there again, when Internet sites like HoodChampions connect us.
Liahkamis Hi Neighbours in the Hood
We are participating in the Kampung Raya and looking forward to see the young ones on 17 July. We have prepared the green packets and goody bags.
Hope to get to see and know more neighbours in the hood!
Our unit no will be released 2 days before the event. Do refer to the Kampung Raya participation link!
12 Jul