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I am new to HoodChampions, what should I do?

Use our HoodChampions User Guide as an assistance and you are good to go!

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How many neighbourhoods are there?

There are 89 neighbourhoods in HoodChampions.

Do they conform to any official boundaries?

No, they don’t. We drew it up based on what we think to be logical boundaries.

I have an interest but there is no official category for me to create it under.

Write to us at [email protected].

Can I start another group after someone else has started a group for that activity in my hood?

Yes, of course. Your groups can be different in focus, age group or other areas. Or it could just be that the other group already has too many people. Or you simply want to be the admin and founder of your own group. Anything goes.

Can I join another hood? Can I invite a friend from another hood to join my group?

We prefer that you don’t because it defeats the whole notion of HoodChampions, which is for people living nearby to form groups. For our national competitions, we will check that everyone in the winning teams is from the same neighbourhood.

What can I win in the Self-Organized battles?

Every time you complete a self-organized battle, make sure you and the team you competed with both enter and confirm the results. Once this is done, you will win a digital medal for your hood which will be announced to everyone in the hood. You will also win one point for your hood, which will go towards your hood’s national position in “Hood Rankings”.

What can I win in the National competitions?

You will win 2 points for your hood, which will go towards your hood’s national position in “Hood Rankings”. You will also win the title that goes with the competition. Depending on the sponsor of the competition, you will also win vouchers and prizes.

What authority do I have as the founder of a group?
  1. You will have the ability to appoint members in your group as administrators.
  2. You and your administrators are responsible for what goes on in your group.
  3. You will have the authority to delete inappropriate comments from members.
  4. You will have the authority to remove disruptive members.
Can I advertise on HoodChampions?

Not yet. This is something we are still developing.

What if my postal code and neighbourhood don’t match?

Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll fix it.

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